Monday, January 28, 2008

Hawaii Three-O

I was thinking the other day about how 2008 is a big year for me. In June I will turn 30! And I think that's worthy of a celebration, don't you? (I distinctly remember when I thought 20 was SO old.)

I thought of all the ways I could commemorate this occasion and three of my favorite things came to mind:

Hanging out with my best buddies
The beach
But how to combine all three ...

Then all of a sudden, I was hit with inspiration. How about renting a place in Hawaii for a week? Brilliant. As of last night, it's official!


Skip Crust said...

Whoot! Good for you Beck. You'll be welcomed into the world of the "three-ohs" with open arms, and a dark suntan I suppose.

blissfullykrissy said...

goodness gracious, that sounds so fun! we could race to see who'd get the darkest tan!

Becky said...

I forfeit that race due to your pigmentational advantage. (Did I just make up a word?)

blissfullykrissy said...

don't hold my melanin against me. :)

Hunter W said...

You know... I turn 30 in June too. Perhaps you have an extra spot... ;-)

Have a great time!