Thursday, February 28, 2008

Alexa, Ingrid and Joshua

The other night a couple friends and I went to a little dive down on South Platte for a Tuesday night concert.

And I do mean dive. From the outside, the building looks like a crack house. I was a little skeered for my life as we waited in line. But inside, it's just a big room with a stage and a bar in the back. So we were just a few feet from the stage!

All three of them - Alexa Wilkinson, Ingrid Michaelson and Joshua Radin[son] - were great! I have to say, though, Ingrid was my favorite. She's hilarious and flawless on stage. Her voice is amazing.

And, of course, my camera batteries died right as the concert began, so I'm stuck with a picture of Joshua Radin from my roommate's camera phone.

If you're looking for new music (with GREAT vocals) check any one of them out.


Nathan said...

It's nice to find places like that with rather unknown artists.

I think Jason had a down week on AI, but he will get through tonight.


Todd Ramsey said...

I'm not familiar with Alexa, but a show with Joshua and Ingrid would be incredible. We saw Joshua and Schuyler Fisk a couple of months back. GREAT show.

Becky said...

I hadn't heard of Alexa before that night, but if you like the other two, you'll like her!

I say Joshua and Schuyler in Boulder and loved them too.

Jen Kent said...

Sorry we didn't see you there. I think you must have gotten there a lot earlier than we did since Alexa was already on by the time we got through the door. The closest we managed to get to the stage (by inching forward as people vacated their spots) was about the 1/2 way point in the room.

I love Ingrid. She's pretty much who I bought the ticket to see, although I do like Joshua too.