Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Dellie and the Bellie

I promise to stop inundating you with pictures soon, but first ...

I'm gonna be an aunt and I can't wait!!!


.: theChris :. said...

WOW! She really does have a baby in there!

I'm gonna be an Aunt too (or an Uncle depending on what they have)!

Skip Crust said...

"I'm gonna be an aunt and I can't wait!!!"

Scheesh...that's a slap in the face. My kids have been calling you "Aunt Becky" for years now. So much for making you feel part of our family. From now on you'll be known as "That woman who used to visit us on Thanksgiving but doesn't any more because it's a family holiday".

Becky said...

Awwww Ted, I love you too. :)

Your kiddos were practice on being the coolest aunt ever.

And hello! T-day will ALWAYS be your holiday. (Except when your brother's wedding trumps long-standing tradition.)

Lawanda said...

Those are sweet pics! I love being an aunt :)

She looks wonderful :) So cute. I love pregnant bellies :) haha