Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hollywood Called

They want their accessories back.

I always laugh at those celebrities who wear humongous sunglasses. The Olsen twins are notorious for it. Even though my sister-in-law swears by them, I think they look stupid. (Sorry Valeen.) I understand that when your personal life is in the spotlight 24/7, you probably feel the need to hide and huge sunglasses give you that feeling of invisibility. But seriously? Glasses that go from your hairline to your mouth just look ridiculous.


Amber said...

I swear this comment won't be as long as my last.

I have long resisted huge sunglasses, but recently upon going sunglass shopping, I could ONLY find bug-eye ones (though not as bug-eyed as your glorious glasses here).

So I bought them, and actually I find they give me great sun coverage. I'm very happy with them...except they give you a ski-goggle tan line.

John said...

Talk about UV protection. Dang! Soon we won't even need to wear sun-tan lotion because our sunglasses will be so freakin' huge!! I love the march of Human Progress.

Lawanda said...

Well, I think you both look adorable! :)