Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blog Twins

I write for the Compassion blog and my friend Suzanne writes for the Boundless blog and today we wrote eerily similar posts.

We Are Family
God in the Water Cube

Isn't that weird?


Juli Jarvis said...

Thanks for the heads up! Love it! Wasn't it a great moment when Togo received their first medal ever? You could hear the excitement of the whole crowd -- in a great cheer -- for the bronze winner! Kind of like the corporate worship we will enjoy some day, as you and Suzanne have both said so well!

mandy said...


i do this with tam ( frequently... well, nobody knows because she usually beats me to the post and i back down on my idea.

today she posted on something that i posted a few months ago. even referenced me in her post. LOL! we do what we can.

Lawanda said...

I think that is why the Olympics are so appealing to people :) Unity is always a sweet thing :)

Suzanne said...

It's cool! That's what it is. :)