Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Retirement Party

Today was my parents' retirement party. They actually retired back in May (both were public school teachers) but have been traveling pretty much non-stop since then, so this was the first opportunity to celebrate with them.

The party was fun - tons of good food. Plus, my dad made seven (count 'em ... seven) kinds of ice cream. I have a new favorite now. Orange. Sounds weird but it was flippin' AWESOME.

Also my brother snapped this picture of my mom and me right before we dug into the ice cream. I think it's my favorite one with her ever.

Oh I also like this one with my cousin Katie...

Pretty much my whole weekend was spent preparing for this party. So there's not much else to tell you right now.

A few of us are leaving Thursday morning for a road trip to Minnesota so I'm sure there'll be some good blog posts coming soon ... )


elbarnes said...

Oh, I love your parents! Happy retirement to them.


mandy said...

Fun Hair! hehehe