Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It was supposed to be about Jesus.

So I guess I didn't put enough context in my post yesterday. I actually had intended to go all spiritual on you (as in, the more time I spend with Jesus, the more I will "look" and act like Him.)

However, you apparently thought I was talking about 1. my family 2. Chris or 3. my dog.

So I'll let you decide ...



Is it true?


Amber said...

Gosh, I must not be as spiritual as you. My first thought was Chris. You don't look like your dog, but you're both cute.

.: theChris :. said...

Hmmm ... Havana and Chris are both fuzzy ... does that count?

My wife is hot ... and that'd be kinda weird to say about my sisters.

I've seen pet-owner combos that resemble each other much more.

Becky said...

Chris is only fuzzy sometimes. And I most certainly am NOT!