Monday, May 5, 2008

Skip's Heart

My best friend got married young. I remember when she first told me about him. We were in high school driving up to Woodland Park and she couldn't stop talking about this guy. He worked in the mailroom where she worked. I met him a few days later at a Newsboys concert. And from that day on, Carolyn was Ted'n'Carolyn.

Ted is a close friend of mine. (The rest of the world calls him Skip, but he's still Ted to me. Probably always will be.) He's a Godly man, has a wicked funny sense of humor and is an amazing husband and father.

Anyway, God is doing something really cool in Ted's life right now. He's lighting this fire for social justice in his heart ... and it's so exciting to watch!

Here's his post from today.
I can't wait to see what God has in store for him next!


Skip Crust said...

Thanks Beck...


Carolyn said...

This is me squeezing you in a big hug! ((((())))) Love you.

Anonymous said...

Its great when God puts people on fire for him