Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Travelin' Tunes

I want to leave you with some good tunes to listen to while I'm gone. So here you go ...

Her name is MoZella. You can also listen to her songs on her MySpace page. I love the song Four Leaf Clover.

My friend John told me about her. John has an excellent taste in music, so whenever he recommends a new band, I know there's a good chance I'll love it. (Incidentally, John also has a great travel blog you should check out.)

Happy listening!

P.S. I also downloaded five David Cook songs. Which I also highly recommend.


Jen Kent said...

Have so much fun and say hi to Hawaii for me!

Gail said...

sorry i've been so out of the blog loop but i just have to say i love david cook! i'm so glad he won!

John said...

Thanks, Becky ... I've been listening to a girl named "Adele" lately (her album is called 19). She's British, don't think she's made it big in the States yet, although I know she's on tour there. With a voice reminiscent of Norah Jones but with a more poppy beat, definitely check her out. Her chart-topper song is "Chasing Pavements." Cheers - JP