Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hawaii Favorites

Rainbow Falls

Pololu Valley - this was my favorite place we went.

Black Sand Beach in Pololu Valley

Akaka Falls

Waipio Valley

Isaac Hale State Park Beach

Onamea Bay

Hot lava hitting the ocean.

This arch was made when hot lava pouring into the ocean cooled.


josh and annie said...

great photos, becky! looks like you had a wonderful time! a great way to spend a birthday i'm sure.

Jen Kent said...

Makes me homesick for Hawaii! Glad you had such a great time!

Lawanda said...


Suzanne said...

O-mazing photos! I had such a great time. We should walk tonight!

Armin and Emily said...

Great pictures! You took some beautiful shots!

Candace Perry said...

Looks like you got to see ALOT while you were in Hawaii! Beautiful pictures!!

ransomed journeyer said...

incredibly beautiful photos!!!

Jen said...

Those are gorgeous pics! I think the ones of Polulu Valley look like the LOST island.

Becky said...

I looked for Sawyer everywhere, Jen, but alas, he was not there.