Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm a Mapple Person

Last Friday (you know ... the Black one) I went with my brother, an avid Mac user, to visit the new Mac store.

We spent a long time in there. We played with all the gadgets and reset all the web browser home pages to his design web site. We drooled over the iPhone. We ogled the ginormous 30 inch monitors.

Anyway, when I saw this video clip I cracked up because it is SO true.

So Brother, Erik, Ric, Suzanne, Chris, Fay and all the other Mac lovers I know ... I dedicate this post to you.

Ht: Vince


Amber said...

That was excellent!

Fayola said...

Oh. My. Thank you for that! I'm posting that. Too good.

Sheep Droppings said...

Hilarious -- and -- I'm a Mapple too.