Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Grand Slam

Denny's ran this ad during the Superbowl saying that they were giving away a free Grand Slam breakfast today.

So of course, we were like, "For freeeeeeeee? Hook us up!"

We arrived at 7am to a packed out parking lot and people coming out the doors. (I put a picture of the madness on my photo blog.) There was a news van parked out front. Forget reporting the lame stuff like the Israel/Gaza conflict or the guy who tried to outrun the police and crashed with his infant daughter in the car ... Denny's is giving away free food!

We squeezed through the mass of people to the host stand to find that there was an hour wait. For a $2.99 breakfast. Crazy. We were please to find out that they were giving rain checks.

So we picked up two, drove across the street to Chick-fil-A.

As we walked up, we saw a sign on the door announcing that they are giving away free breakfast every Tuesday during the month of February.


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Suzanne said...

Double free food! Sweet!