Monday, June 15, 2009


Want to know more?


.: theChris :. said...

Yup. That's SO cool. God is amazing.

Cath Swan said...

Amazing!! Goosebumps, what an impact! Thanx for posting!

C. White said...

Wow; what am amazing video. Thank you for sharing! Your blog is great. I particularly appreciated the recent post about how you prayed faithfully for your future husband.

I also noticed that you work for Compassion. I recently relocated to Colorado Springs and desperately want to work (or volunteer) for Compassion. Do you have any suggestions for getting into the organization that you'd be willing to share with me? (I have already applied for several positions online.)

Becky said...

My advice to you is to be persistent and patient. Sometimes (okay often) it takes a long time to get a job here, but it's well worth the wait!

And thank you for your kind words about the blog. :)