Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Details, Schmetails

Ohmigosh things are getting KER-AY-ZEE around here! I'm sure you can tell by the waning blog posts. I'm trying to keep up with everything, but dang. It's hard.

12 days left, people. Twelve. That's it. One dozen.

I went down to The Fine Arts Center today after work to nail down details and figure out the placement of everything ... where the tables will go, what the setup will look like, what time things will happen, who will do what, blah, blah, blah. So many details. Millions of them. They never end. And we all know details aren't really my thing. (By the way, Melissa, the wedding coordinator at The Fine Arts Center? Frickin' amazing.)

One of the things I found out today is that if it rains - wait a sec - where the heck have I been the last three weeks? I mean when the daily downpour and accompanying electrical storm arrive, the ceremony will be held in the gallery instead of the courtyard. Which actually would be REALLY cool. (Oh except that there's this neon colored, slightly larger than life, sculpture of Will Rogers on a horse that would be our ceremony backdrop. COOL. We are already betting that the Botero exhibit currently on display might make some waves.)

Anyway where was I? Oh yes. So Chris and I will likely make our vows under the watchful gazes of Will Rogers and some obese naked people. My good friend Skip is doing the honors and although he's been a pastor for a long time, this will be the first wedding he gets to officiate! This fact makes it extra special.

After the ceremony, we get our party on.

We have chosen this GREAT song to dance to for our first dance and do you want to know the coolest part? My cousin Abbey is going to sing it live for us!!! Chris gets all the credit for this one. It was totally his idea. So we're going to do the 8th Grade Shuffle (also known as the Hug'n'sway) as Abbey wows everyone with her pipes.

Then we attempt say hello to everyone. Even though I'm a complete extrovert, I'm actually dreading this part. I get ADD when I know too many people and I feel like I can't give anyone my full attention. So I can't imagine how a less extroverted person will deal with it.

Anyway after we make our rounds, we'll bust a few more moves on the dance floor, shove some cake into each others' faces, exit through a sparkler-lit walkway and jet off to Greece.

Happily ever after. I can't wait!


Juli Jarvis said...

You better have those horses in the corral ready to release then...and surely you've seen this video, but if not -- better take a look:

Fay said...

Hilarious! Hope the weather's great, so as to avoid the obese Will Rogers...wait. Yeah, hope the weather's great!

Amber Van Schooneveld said...

I love that you'll be having obese nude people in your wedding pics. Just think how thin you'll look in your dress next to the Boteros.

Kelsey Donahue said...

Ha ha! Your blogs crack me up :). I love the way you word things...too funny. Very excited for you Becky! So soon! And Greece...that will be amazing!

Amanda said...

Wow! How long will you be in Greece? Soooo exciting!!!

Anonymous said...

Will you be updating your blog from Greece?

Becky said...

Ummm. No.