Wednesday, March 11, 2009

FW: FW: FW: Wal-Mart Scam


You know all those email forwards warning you about the latest scam? I always delete them. I assume it's just an internet rumor someone started at some point in the past. They're never true, though, right? And even if there is some ounce of truth, it only happens to those idiots who are stupid and don't know how to protect their identity.

Well guess what? Sometimes those scam warnings are real.

My mom called me this morning all panicked because apparently "I" called my grandpa in New York and told him that "I" and my "boyfriend" had gotten in a car accident in Montreal and "I" needed money.

So of course, my grandpa, the world's most trusting and generous soul, went to Wal-mart and wired the money to "me." Twice. Only it wasn't me.

I feel violated. This person used my name and took advantage of the fact that my grandpa loves me and would do anything for me. I'm so effing angry I could scream.

This sucks all around. My grandpa has likely lost his trust in people. He's out a lot of money, of which he didn't have much to begin with. Some jackass in Canada is using - and damaging - my name.

This is the most helpless feeling in the world because there's nothing we can do. I certainly understand the meaning of injustice now.

So I'm doing the only thing I can do to fight back. I'm telling you here. I'm going to tell everyone I can. Please warn your grandparents about this.

The only consolation I have in this situation is that God specifically addresses people like this who take advantage of the vulnerable in His word - they will pay.

Here's a news story about this scam. Unfortunately, this time the Wal-Mart employee didn't catch it.

So I'm THAT person ... the "someone else" it always happens to. Now you can add "This is for real. This actually happened to my friend Becky." to the beginning of the scam warning before you forward them.


Jamie said...

Becky - That really sucks!!! Sad story.

Amber said...

Urrgh! What jerk-heads. I'll tell my peeps too.

monica said...

i hate that people have no qualms about taking advantage of others.

sorry that your family had to suffer.

Carolyn said...

Man that really sucks. Any idea how they connected you with your gramps?

Becky said...

I'm guessing it was the last name.

Armin and Emily said...

Becky,sorry to hear this! It sure is amazing that there are people out there that don't care about other people. Is there anything we can do to help your grandpa out? We would be glad to pitch in and help with a donation to him.

Becky said...

Armin and Emily-

That's so sweet! We've talked about that idea ... if we decide to go ahead with it, I'll let you know. :)


Anonymous said...

This happened to me too. My grandparents wired 5500 dollars with money gram to canada.