Saturday, March 14, 2009

"I Was Runnig" -Forrest Gump

Attention everyone: I just ran my first 5K!

For a self-declared "Not-Runner" I didn't do too badly. Officially my time was 30:13, but the start was very sketchy so I'm sure it was under 30 minutes.

Here's a few photos ...

It was Karyn and Carmen's first 5K too.

Never tuck your shirt into your spandex pants. Never, never, never ever. (That's me on the left, fake posing so we wouldn't be so obvious.)

Mid-race photo. (Thanks, Karyn!) Here I am getting schooled by a 14-year-old.

My prize was waiting for me at the finish.


Sheep Droppings said...

Congratulations. The part about you fake-posing cracks me up. It doesn't look like it was necessary, for one thing. But it's exactly the kind of thing we would do.

Carolyn said...


Carmen said...

It was awesome. I'm glad we could have our first 5K together. You don't have to be a non-runner you know.

Amber said...

That's funny. I totally would take you for a runner. And that's my sister in the spandex. Thanks a lot.

Suzanne said...

Actually, I'm pretty sure we ended up passing that 14-year-old. So we schooled him!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Becky! I'm SO jealous! One day I hope to run again. Having big babies doesn't do any wonders for your bladder though. Aren't you happy I shared!?

mandy said...

I am so impressed!!!
I totally admire people who can run further than one lap around the (gym) track.
My shins hurt.
My knees ache.
My heart pounds in my ears.

I honestly LOVE to run, but physically it causes pain.

Becky said...

Me too, Mandy. :)