Friday, March 6, 2009

JJ Heller

Hi guys. It's Friday! I'm so glad. Even though Monday was a vacation day and this was a shorter work week, I'm desperately in need of some down time. Who's with me?

Anyway, I have a new music discovery to share with you - JJ Heller. She played last night with my friend Luke this coffee shop near my house. Her voice is FANTASTIC! She wasn't feeling well last night and still her voice was flawless. For any Ingrid fans out there, she has a sound very similar to Ingrid Michaelson. (Especially on her song Grow.)

You can listen to some of her music on her MySpace page.

This was the first time she's played in Colorado Springs. There wasn't a very big crowd last night. (Not sure why - usually when Luke plays the place is packed out.) So we sat on the couch about two feet from the stage.

I hope she doesn't judge Colorado Springs on the poor turnout last night and never come back. She's super and you should go see her if you ever have the chance.


Matthew H. John said...

I totally wish I could have made the concert last night. But alas, I had worship practice. ... And you know Luke? That's awesome.

Becky said...

Heck YES! I'm the co-prez of the Luke Flowers fan club. :)

Worship, smorship. Well, hopefully she'll be back.